DDT Ban:

DDT was banned in the year of 1972 because it received alot of criticism roughly about two decades after production. There were claims that DDT was responsible for major declines in reproduction of different birds of prey and eagles. This statement, like so many other statements blaming DDT for environmental effects.

Though there have not been any recorded chronic illnesses or deaths even among the workers soaked in DDT in anti-malarial programs or the prisoners who were being  fed DDT as volunteers for a big test they were doing. Also the other  600 million to 1 billion people  who lived in the areas that were sprayed repeatedly at the height of the DDT use.  The only recorded cases of DDT poisoning were from large amounts being ingested or people ingesting it to commit suicide.  I think is was probably the kerosene solvent in the DDT  rather than the DDT itself that caused all of the illnesses. People throughout the United States still carry some for of DDT and its metabolites in their bodies, 30 -40 years after the pesticide DDT was banned.  Although some countries have banned DDT as well, there are still many countries out there that use DDT.  So I will keep you informed about the ban and if it does make its comeback to the U.S.  Stay close for all your DDT Pesticide Updates