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ddt-pesticideDDT is one of the most intriguing and famous pesticides of all time.  Not many people are familiar with what DDT is, the uses and history of DDT, and also how the the pesticide works. I also want to discuss the many different effects that DDT has among a variety of things.

DDT is also banned at the moment, I personally think it will be making a comeback because it is a great pesticide and works very effectively.  I am going to cover all of the details of the Ban of DDT.

Also many have been talking about bedbugs sweeping the nation and what a problem they are causing with many.  Well DDT has come up in many discussions and how it can effectively help the bedbug problem here in the US.  It is a pesticide that can take care of this problem and save everyone the time and hassle that they have been struggling with.

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